#EAR = 'Ear And Retina'

Ear - As The Central Balance System Of Our Whole Life,
of course not so easy to experience.
Symbol Surgery (as one of S3S) is 1 point of work of each 8RM of Yasudah S.

For example: Symbol Surgery of Episode Dewa Ruci,
that one point is about - How can "The Very Big" Bima
enter "The Very Litle" Dewa Ruci trough Dewa Ruci's Ear, etc...
What do you need to experience...?

Retina is receiver of the upside down image from our vision.
So, that's why our every point of view is always upside down too.
the result is Stress, Strike, Stroke (S3) or Panic, Hallucination, Depression (PHD).

So..., 'ART-least' those are about #EAR = 'Ear And Retina'.

(Excuse me, cause one and other points...,
any Yas's contribution via education postponed until one day...)

... ...