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RestMind8 Yasudah S. #Europe 2015

‘RestMind8’ #Premiere Concert - 2015-06-25 in Spazio Dante, Parma, Italy.
*Gamelan Seminar* - connected with ‘Contemporary Art Music’.
Together & support by:
‘Philip Corner’ (Composer & Maestro of Fluxus) & Communities.
Thanks also to Hernan DL, Daniela V, Phoebe N, Susana K, Etc...

‘RestMind8 #Primer Konser - 2015-06-25 di Spazio Dante, Parma, Italy.
*Seminar Gamelan* - hubungannya dengan ‘Musik Seni Kontemporer’.
Bersama & didukung oleh:
‘Philip Corner’ (Komposer & Maestro Fluxus) & Komunitas.
Trimakasih juga pada Hernan DL, Daniela V, Phoebe N, Susana K, Dsb...

‘RestMind8’ NeuroGalaktisch Fahrrad, Etc... - 2015-08-09
in *archex fest* in Taiserdorf, Germany.
Thanks to Dorle Ferber, Michel Kussl, Susana K, Etc...

‘RestMind8’ NeuroGalaktisch Fahrrad, Dsb... - 2015-08-09
di *archex fest* di Taiserdorf, Jerman.
Trimakasih Dorle Ferber, Michel Kussl, Susana K, Dsb...

 ‘RestMind8’ Cross Concert - 2015-08-09
in *Het huis van onze hart* in Antwerpen, Belgium.
Thanks to Eko Noah, Azuzan Jg, Andre Lusa, Susana, Etc...

‘RestMind8’ Kross Konser - 2015-08-09
di *Het huis van onze hart* di Antwerpen, Belgium.
Trimakasih Eko Noah, Azuzan Jg, Andre Lusa, Susana, Dsb...

Thanks for everybody whose support made it happened…
Also for since the earliness to the #EUROPE 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Etc...

weljoy whART’s it…! weljoin whART’s next...!

Trimakasih kepada semua pihak yang telah mensuport hingga ini terjadi…
Tuk pula sejak awal hingga #EUROPE 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Dst...

weljoy whART’s it…! weljoin whART’s next…!

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RestMind8 Yasudah S. ‘ART-least ARTual ARTion’

Via MUSIC, and-or Others...

When Where Will it be?Look forwART 2015… Surprise!

weljoy whART’s it... weljoin whART's next... thanks!


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Look forwART 2015

Look forwART 2015 ... New ARTual ARTion!
From 8RM Yasudah S.
Weljoin Weljoy!

Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

ContemPop = ‘Not The Usual Contemporary, Pop, Etc...’

ContemPop = ‘Not The Usual Contemporary, Pop, Etc...' <Click here

KontemPop = 'Bukan Biasanya Kontemporer, Pop, Dll...' <Klik sini

Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

ContemPop and Canceled Plans… Euro 2014

Dear sisters, brothers, friends and all...
Caused that my mother had a serious sick, I came back home, a lone with a little bit shock,
early July 2014, from Germany to Indonesia.
My wife still stays there for many other important things, but also for no longer…

I am sorry that now ‘and here’ I write this information;
while still take care of my mother ill …, doing every things, etc...

Our canceled plans were a.o.
Germany > Berlin, Dresden, Hannover, Hamburg, Bunde, Lemgo, etc...
Some others seemed possible during our journey a.o.
France > Paris, Provence, etc...
Netherland > Amsterdam, Utrecht, Wageningen, Gouda, Amersfoort, etc...
But however, all canceled…

Dear friends and-or others who connected with among other: canceled of the planning, the future planning, and so on… hope would like to continue by email. Thanks!

1x more thanks to Dorle Ferber, Michael Kussl, Bernhard Klein, Schorch, Gabriel, etc…
for my *ContemPop* premiered @ Saengertreffen in S’Phinxtfest. Heggelbach.
Enjoy beautiful Taiserdorf, Bodensee & Illmensee (both are lakes), and around…
Then…, how pity that I cannot join in *archex* 2014…

But, thanks for other surprises those happened in Switzerland -
found new friends, RestMood - Holiday, and more -
> Bern – with many great histories and city environment…
> Adelboden – with many fabulous Alpine mountain white snow and environment…

And there were born also my new *3 ARTual Works those connected with each of #RM...*.
What are those and when will publish…? … Come-neART…!

Those were our journey, before ended in Koln for few days
and of course in Frankfurt for the flight… then transited in Abudhabi… and Jakarta…
till home arrival Solo City.

Thanks for everybody whose support made it happened.
And with love thanks so much to Susana, for her love and everything.

Also... *Congrats! To German Foot Ball Victory as 1st World Cup 2014 – in Brasilia*

Jumat, 04 Juli 2014