Jumat, 21 Desember 2012


Started on 20 Aug 2012, Yasudah shared SEMBAH SWARA via Workshop in Theater Orange...
until its FINAL SESSION at 24 Aug 2012.

SEMBAH SWARA can be known from the 8 Colors of the material and-or other groups of 8...
It may just exposed in the Stage Setting or it can be used in its Specific, Context, Etc.

Special Thanks to Olaf Cobus, Susana 'Miranti' Kroeber, then Bernhard Schwark-Werwach
and also everybody whose support made it possible.

Thanks a lot also to everybody whose join in the workshop as the participants,
respond-er, support team, etc... among others:
Anja Heiderich, Ortrud Celik, Yvonne Vocherodt, Max Gerlach, Christa Meyer-Gerlach, Wolfgang Maas, Christiane, Viola Livera, Bernhard, Coco Ohrt, Ute Ebert, Gabriela Ansorge, Susana, Olaf, Theater Orange Hamburg Community, and any others that can’t written here...

Hope all of you have had a good experience and its continue in the daily live...

Warmest regards...!!!
Yasudah S.

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